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Bow & Bay

What is the difference between bow and bay windows?

Bow and bay windows are very similar and sometimes hard to differentiate but they have one clear difference between them. A bay window adds projection to a wall and can be stood in from the inside whereas a bow window is a unit that is placed onto a wall and cannot be stood in.


bow window 1.jpg
bow window.jpg

Bow window

Bay window

Bay and bow windows are an arrangement of three or more connected window units. They allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of your outdoor space while adding a stylish and characteristic touch to your home.

They allow plenty of sunlight to flood into your property and gives you the feeling of more light and space due to the extra windowpanes.

  • Adds character to a property

  • Made to suit your home

  • Energy saving

  • Panoramic views

Available in different colours, decorative glass options, furniture options.

Also comes in timber and aluminium.

To see how Ullyett Glazing bow and bay windows can help you save money and improve your home’s appearance, style and energy efficiency, fill out the form by using the button below or give us a call today. We will be happy to help.

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