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Open up your home to your garden with stunning bi-fold doors. These doors enable you to flow between your indoor and outdoor space. Our bi-fold doors are made from aluminium which means that the frames of the doors can be slimmer and support larger panes of glass unlike other alternatives. The large panes of glass offer first class seats to view your private sanctum. Our bi-fold doors can be made from 2 or more panes, these panes are on a slide open track and neatly fold flat which makes them easy to open and close. To give you the maximum amount of space Ullyett Glazing lets you choose one of two options, either the doors opening inside or outside your property.

  • 2 or more panes

  • Allows lots of natural daylight

  • Fits any home size

  • Easy to customise

  • Offers great views of your outdoor space

Available in many different colours and furniture options.

To see how Ullyett Glazing bi-fold doors can help you save money and improve your home’s appearance, style and energy efficiency, fill out the form by using the button below or give us a call today. We will be happy to help.

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